Elk Studios – Modern Developer with Innovative Ideas

Founded in 2012, Elk Studios is one of the newer additions to the online gaming market, but quite a valuable one. The Swedish company has spent the several years it has been around developing some of the most unique and innovative casino games out there, focusing on creating a small number of highly interesting mobile slots that never fail to impress.

While some companies out there have developed over a hundred games in the same timeframe, Elk Studios focused on creating a few dozen highly specialized casino games that offer extremely high quality and the kind of entertainment that cannot be brought by cloning games over and over again which is what many developers tend to do.

Top Elk Studios Slots 2022

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Elk Studios have used their unique approach to casino game development to their favor, creating a number of games that really stick out of the bunch even in casinos that offer thousands of different slots. Each Elk Studios game is equipped with high quality graphics and animations as well as a gameplay engine that offers a ton of entertainment.

Elk Studios Games – A Unique Approach to Software Development

The policy of many casino software providers is to keep dishing out new games as often as possible and choke their players with clones of the already existing games or even clones of games by their competitors. While many companies may see this as a good business model, Elk could not agree less.

Elk Studios policy is to always dish out new titles that stand out both in theme and in gameplay style, making every new game truly worth the players’ time. This has had much effect as numerous online casinos have recognized the immense quality of Elk games and introduced them as some of their most prominent titles.

Aside from looking and feeling good to play, Elk games are also very secure and safe to play. With well tested RNG used in each games and extremely modern mathematical models used, Elk games always provide players with great chances at big wins, often offering over 96% RTP and plenty of major jackpots.

Popular Elk Studios Slots

Back in the day, Elk Studios started out with three slot titles which remain popular to this day. Those were The Lab, Electric Sam and Champion’s Goal. The games each introduced a unique set of characters and gameplay options and appealed to a different set of video slot players.

Electric Sam was brought back to the players in the Sam Goes to Beach, where the popular troll and his family were sent to a seaside vacation. In the meantime, the innovative Elk developers introduced us to the Taco Brothers, a gang of Mexican pistoleros who were an absolute hit among the players in the mini-series of games.

In other titles, Elk Studios also brought us the cute and quirky Bloopers and Platooners, while a more serious theme was tackled in the Poltava video slot. Elk also took us down the infamous Route 66 and lead a sail over the Wild Seas and through the past all the way back to the age of Valkyrie.

Overall speaking, the slots library of Elk Studios may be somewhat modest in size, but it is extremely rich in versatility, innovation and quality. This small development studio showed quite clearly that quality is more important than quality, bringing some of the finest slot titles of the last several years to the market despite the limited resources and manpower compared to their rivals.

Where to Enjoy Elk Studios Slots

Elk Studios are a relatively new software developer, but this has not stopped them from branching out and bringing their games to many of the world’s leading online casino websites. If you are looking to try Elk games yourself, you are in luck as you can do so at quite a few online casinos.

One of the world’s longest standing and most popular online casinos, 888 Casino is a prime place to enjoy all of Elk Studios video slot titles. Alongside them, major online casinos like Leo Vegas Casino and Slots Million Casino also feature the most prominent titles by Elk Studios, which makes them a great place to visit if you are out to try the most popular Elk titles.

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