Real money Roulette with your mobile phone – Best Casinos and Apps

In the early days of casino gambling, the casino game of roulette had belonged to the high streets and the blue- blooded elite was the class that could afford to visit casino gambling saloons and play it. As time went by, more and more people become interested in it and the simple roulette versions were remodeled according to the newest trends and technologies. In the recent times, the game has become so popular that it can be played on most mobile devices.

Regardless if you come from America, especially USA or from distant countries like India, nowadays it is possible to play online roulette for real money as well as on mobile phones and tablets. The best online roulette games are available for instant play and can be accessed from all PCs regardless if they are Windows based or Mac computers as well as on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android phones. Continue reading to find out more about this game of chance, about the popular roulette variants and how it can be played on the go. In addition, learn how you can increase your chances of winning with the roulette betting strategies.

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What You Should Know Before Playing Roulette?

You should familiarize yourself with the game and how it works before you begin playing roulette with real money online or on the go. Roulette uses a random number generator as a game of pure luck, producing strings of random numbers that determine the result. This program doesn’t care about the bets people make or whether or not the ball lands on the same winning numbers two times in a row. Therefore there is no way of predicting the next winning number correctly. So don’t be fooled by the roulette electronic scoreboard that shows the last winning numbers thinking that it will help you guess the next number. In addition, if you use appropriate betting strategies, which will be discussed a bit further, it is possible to maintain good money management.

It is also possible to play free roulette for real cash and win money. This can be achieved by claiming a roulette-specific casino bonus, such as a welcome bonus for roulette or a no deposit roulette bonus in some cases. However, make sure that you carefully real the terms and conditions of these bonuses.


Number Placement and Wheel Tracking

To most players, it seems that the numbers on the roulette wheel are not organized and they are randomly distributed. The only obvious pattern most people see is the organization of reds and blacks and that two even numbers alternate with two odd numbers. However, numbers are organized so that the sum of numbers of a section roughly equals to another section of equal size.


Also, most of the numbers are part of pairs with one number between them. Generally speaking, the sum of all numbers in roulette is 666.

Furthermore, some players believe that roulette wheels are biased. In

other words, they have light and heavy side. This may be true but only if the equipment is old. Nowadays, roulette wheels are of better quality and they are tested regularly for randomness and fair play. In addition, players that wish to play roulette for real money on iPad, iPhone as well as on Android mobile phones and devices don’t have to worry about the randomness of the game because the entire system is rigorously tested by auditing firms. All they need to do is to download mobile roulette app and start playing.

BetsoftGaming Presents Roulette ToGo™ Mobile

Best Online Roulette for Real Money

It should be noted that it is necessary to deposit to play roulette for real money online, so head to your favorite online casino and make a deposit via credit card or popular e-wallets such as PayPal and choose your preferred variant of roulette. The best online roulette for real money that can be played at almost all Internet casinos are:

  • European Roulette. If you play European Roulette for real money you should know that the house edge of this game is 2.7%, but you can increase your advantage with special roulette techniques. The game has one zero and features the numbers 1-36. Players bet on numbers and try to guess the outcome.
  • American Roulette. This popular roulette variant has two zeros and 36 numbered pockets. Its house edge is 5.26% and it is played according to the general, universal roulette rules.
  • French Roulette. French Roulette is played the same as European and American; the only difference is in the table layout which is in French. For example, Manque and Passe in French are numbers 1-18 and 19-36.

Roulette Betting Systems

There are a couple of roulette betting systems or strategies that have been around for many years. You should consider them carefully and practice playing free roulette if you want to play roulette for real cash. It should be noted, however, that nobody can be 100 percent certain that they will function. They can still help you keep a healthy bankroll and prolong your game.

  • Martingale. With this system you double your bets with every loss until you win. For instance, you bet $5 on even chance bets and if you lose you bet $10. When you win you go back to the original bet.
  • Reverse Martingale. This is opposite of the first betting system. You double up your bets with every win until you lose. For example, you bet $5 on red and if you win you bet $10. If you win again you bet $20 and if you lose the next one, you go back to betting $5.
  • D’Alembert. With this system you increase your bets by one with every loss and you decrease them by one after a win.
  • Fibonacci. With this system you add the previous two numbers together to give you the next bet you should place. The sequence goes as follows: 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233-377-610.

All (live) Roulette games compatible with smartphones at popular casinos

888 Casino

NameLandscape or potrait?Min and max betLive Dealer or RNG?Game Developer
European RouletteLandscape1-2000RNGSection8 Studio
Super Stakes RouletteLandscape5-200000RNGSection8 Studio
Low Stakes RouletteLandscape0.5-300RNGSection8 Studio
American RouletteLandscape1-2000RNGSection8 Studio
High Limit European RouletteLandscape5-2000RNGSection8 Studio
French RouletteLandscape1-2000RNGSection8 Studio
High Limit American RouletteLandscape5-2000RNGSection8 Studio
888 Live RouletteBoth1-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Lightning RouletteBoth0.5-3000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Immersive RouletteBoth1-3000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Ruby RouletteBoth10-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Auto RouletteBoth0.5-5000LiveEvolution Gaming

LeoVegas Casino

NameLandscape or potrait?Min and max betLive Dealer or RNG?Game Developer
Relax - RouletteBoth1-5000RNGRelax Gaming
LeoVegas RouletteLandscape0.1-1000RNGEvolution Gaming
Red Tiger RouletteLandscape1-1000RNGRed Tiger
Gamevy - RouletteLandscape1-?RNGGameVy
Realistic RouletteBoth0.2-400RNGRealistic Games
NetEnt RouletteLandscape1-500RNGNET Entertainment
European RoulettePortrait0.2-200RNGRealistic Games
100 to 1 RouletteLandscape0.1-10,000RNGSG Digital
European Roulette ProLandscape1-100RNGUnknown
Betsoft European RouletteLandscape3-500RNGBetsoft Gaming
European Roulette GoldLandscape2-80RNGUnknown
Double Ball GoldLandscape0.1-50RNGFelt
Roulette DiamondPortrait1-50RNG1x2 Games
LeoVegas Live RouletteBoth0.5-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Lightning RouletteBoth0.2-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Blaze Live RouletteBoth0.2-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Auto Roulette Classic 1, 2Both0.2-50LiveAuthentic Gaming
LeoVegas RouletteBoth0.1-1000LiveFirst Person Gaming
Speed Car RouletteBoth0.1-500LiveEvolution Gaming
Leo Roulette ShowBoth0.5-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Roulette Foxwoods CasinoBoth1-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live Roulette Royal CasinoBoth1-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live Speed Roulette Both0.5-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Shangri La Live Roulette Both0.5-2000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Roulette Room Casino InternationalBoth0.5-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Turbo Roulette Casino InternationalBoth0.5-100LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live VIP Roulette Landscape1-4500LiveNet Entertainment
Live Roulette Oracle CasinoBoth0.5-50LivePortomaso Gaming
Live Roulette Platinum CasinoBoth0.5-50LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live Roulette St. Vincent CasinoBoth0.5-100LiveAuthentic Gaming
Immersive RouletteBoth1-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Grand Casino RouletteLandscape1-5000LiveEvolution Gaming
Interactive Roulette Casino InternationalBoth0.5-100LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live Roulette ProLandscape5-9000LiveNetent
Live Roulette Hippodrome CasinoBoth1-20000LiveEvolution Gaming
London Live RouletteBoth2-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Double Ball RouletteBoth0.25-800LiveEvolution Gaming
Car Live RouletteBoth0.1-500LiveEvolution Gaming
LeoVegas Live Car RouletteBoth0.5-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Auto Roulette Live Speed 1, 2Both0.2-50LiveAuthentic Gaming
Resort Atlantic City RouletteBoth0.5-2000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live Roulette Aspers CasinoBoth1-250LiveAuthentic Gaming
Live Roulette Dragonara CasinoBoth0.5-2000LiveEvolution Gaming

VideoSlots Casino

NameLandscape or potrait?Min and max betLive Dealer or RNG?Game Developer
European Roulette MobileLandscape3-500RNGBetsoft Gaming
European Roulette GoldLandscape1-1000RNGMicrogaming
Roulette TouchLandscape1-500RNGNetEnt
Double Ball RouletteLandscape0.1-1000RNGFelt


NameLandscape or potrait?Min and max betLive Dealer or RNG?Game Developer
Roulette NeoBoth1-5000RNGRelax Gaming
European RoulettePortrait1-2500RNGRed Tiger
Lightning RouletteBoth0.5-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
Premium European RouletteBoth0.1-100RNGPlaytech
Mr Green Live RouletteBoth1-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
American RouletteBoth0.2-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
London RouletteBoth1-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
Live VIP RouletteBoth2-10000LiveEvolution Gaming
Netent Roulette ProBoth0.5-100LiveNetEnt
Realistic RouletteBoth1-4000RNGRealistic Games

FAQ about online Roulette with mobile

What are the best Roulette Casinos 2020?

You should particularly look at the games they offer when it comes to determining the best roulette casino. This is where the chaff separates from the wheat. Especially when it comes to live games with dealers. There are different differences here, even if only the language of the dealer is concerned. After all, not everyone wants to have an English-speaking dealer. Then there are differences in the support of mobile devices. Say: Does the iPhone or Android mobile phone run smoothly on live Dealer Roulette?

And finally it’s about things like a roulette bonus. Unfortunately, there are hardly any casinos that offer a real casino bonus for roulette. Theoretically yes, but it can usually only be unlocked with 10 or 15%. For hardcore roulette players this is usually too little.

The best roulette casinos are in our opinion:
#1 LeoVegas
#2 888 Casino
#3 SpinCasino

What are the best casinos for live dealer roulette for smartphones?

Mobile Roulette is all the rage and for good reason. Because it has never been so easy and entertaining to play at the live roulette tables with your smartphone, whether iPhone or Android, as it is today. We at CasinoMobsters have taken the trouble to list the different Live Dealer variations of the biggest casinos for you.

The LeoVegas Casino scores best here because it offers an enormous variety of different roulette variants. Amongst others from manufacturers like Evolution Gaming, Authentic Gaming, First Person Gaming, Portomaso Gaming and Netent. Furthermore, the tables are available in different languages.

Should you play with app or without?

Today the classic apps have only few arguments left because even the best online casinos no longer develop an extra app for each operating system. Rather, you have the same gaming experience with the web app in the browser, especially with Chrome and Safari there are no problems at all.

What is the most realistic online roulette game?

Here you should answer immersive roulette very clearly. This is even more realistic than real roulette in the casino because it captures everything with a high speed camera and you can really cheer. Immersive Roulette can be played in casinos like 888 or LeoVegas – even with Smartphone and Tablet which is pretty cool.

Last update on: 29. december, 2020
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    Roulette is always cool wherever you play it. Playing on mobile or tab gives a cosy experience whether it’s roulette or any other table game especially blackjack in which many small sessions take you to the joy’s peak.

    With roulette there’s just one mistake many news players make. It’s adopting the so called strategies to break the roulette code and win every time. This is a mistake that no one should make. I did it quite a while ago and then made it again and yet again. Three times for no good. Still many people claim success based on such strategies based on EM bets and probably many others. It’s best to avoid them and enjoy the stuff your way. If lucky and active, wins would be there no matter what.

    The best roulette strategy as far as I know is “breaks and changes” yes. Just take breaks. Don’t rush and give it all to the dealer. Timing absolutely matters.

    Try as many games as possible since switching through different games won’t cost you. Further, many casinos have many slots and table games at once for the players so why stick to any one.

    One of the best casinos today is video slots with live roulette in addition 3000+ overall number of games. Some months ago when I reached this casino’s site it felt so good that for once I thought if I would even be able to join such a nice casino. Please don’t reject my sign up hahaha. Well it was smooth. And I have had good wins in video slots. Have player blackjack as well. Royal panda is wonderful for blackjackers.

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