Play Real Money Blackjack with iPhone – Experience the blackjack thrill on the move!

Everyone is familiar with that popular card game whose main objective is the player to score a 21. Well, that game is called blackjack and thanks to the amazing time we all live in it can be played on iPhones. Blackjack has always been one of fan favourite table games and blackjack tables always managed to attract players in brick and mortar casinos. Today, the trend has changed and players all around the world visit top mobile casino operators in order to play this game with low house edge and unique rules. Playing real money blackjack with iPhone is very simple as well as exciting; as a result, the number of people who decide to use this iOS device for playing 21 on the go is constantly growing.


What most players are struggling with is to find the right casino to play iPhone Blackjack with. Luckily, we are passionate Blackjack players ourselves and are testing numerous mobile casinos each month. Our top choice right now is Royal Vegas Casino, one of the largest and oldest online casinos in the world. They are doing a great job when it comes to mobile gaming as well. New players can get their $1200 deposit bonuses after signing up here!

House Edge on Real Money iPhone Blackjack

Blackjack is considered to be a game with a relatively low house edge in comparison with other casino games such as roulette for example. However, those who want to play real money blackjack games on their iPhones should be aware that different blackjack variants have different house edge. Here are several factors that affect the house edge:

  • Number of Decks – Blackjack can be played with 1 or up to 8 decks of cards. Usually, the more decks are used in the game, the higher the house edge is.
  • Dealer Stands on Soft 17 – Most commonly, all iPhone friendly real money blackjack games have a rule that obliges the dealer to stand on soft 17 and that is good for players since it lowers the house edge.
  • Surrender Rule – Blackjack Surrender allows players to surrender and keep half of their bets. This rule lowers the house edge, but it cannot be found at many mobile casinos.
  • Double – Another rule that affects both the player and the house edge is the one concerning the possibility to double. It is the best to play a game that allows double on any two cards, but there are also variants that allow double only on 9-11 or 10-11.
  • Double After Split – Whether a player can double after splitting when playing real money iPhone blackjack or not is also important. Being unable to this puts players in a bit worse position.
  • Resplit – The more options you have the better. Therefore, if you are allowed to resplit the house edge of the game is probably low.
  • Hit Split Aces – Being able to hit split Aces is a good thing for players and bad for the house because it lowers the blackjack house edge.


What are the Pros and Cons of Playing Real Money Blackjack with iPhone?

Players who are used to playing blackjack on computers and laptops might have some second thoughts when it comes to playing this card game on an iPhone. Understandably, this concept has both pros and cons that make it a better option for some players and not that good for other players. The most obvious cons of playing blackjack on the popular Apple’s device are the screen size and the unstable Internet connection. iPhones have a decent display size; nevertheless, it is far smaller than standard PC screens. Furthermore, not all places offer strong and free Internet connection. As a result, players might use their mobile data connection which usually includes some additional charges. However, these two cons are nothing in comparison with the pros. First of all, playing real money blackjack with iPhones is practical and it can be done anytime and anywhere. In addition, mobile blackjack is optimised for this device and hence it fits the screen perfectly, providing smooth gaming and sharp graphics. Also, players use their fingers in order to place bets and give commands; this makes the experience far more authentic than clicking on a computer mouse.

Can US Players Play Real Money Blackjack with iPhone?

Unfortunately, the number of casinos that offer real money iPhone blackjack and accept players from the United States is far from good. Nevertheless, there are some mobile casino operators that offer this excellent opportunity to US blackjack enthusiast. A safe and reliable mobile casino where US players can enjoy blackjack for real money on their iPhone device is ClubWorld Casinos. This is a Realtime Gaming powered mobile gambling site which is licensed in Curacao. ClubWorld Casinos offers only one iPhone blackjack variant called Blackjack 21 that will amaze players thanks to its sleek running and excellent graphics. Therefore, US players can expect some unforgettable and exciting gaming sessions on the go.

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One thought on “Play Real Money Blackjack with iPhone – Experience the blackjack thrill on the move!”

  1. QUAIN97 says:

    It’s always good on iPhone. Casino apps are the way but some also allow for direct play. I recommend using the app cux sometimes you leave the session and don’t come back to where you had left.

    Royal panda and also 888 casino for blackjack on iPhone. Choose the best casino and not any dedicated third party apps that may have payment issues for sure.

    There’s one blackjack ballroom casino which I tried very long ago. It’s good, a microgaming casino, but had some payout delays. Not as promised so not as good as 888 or royal panda casino, especially for blackjack (y)

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