Reload bonuses – What do they include and are they worth your deposit?

We have mentioned reload bonuses elsewhere because this is a form of a deposit bonus – usually anyway. But since it is a very popular casino offer, we are getting a little further into it here.

What is a reload bonus?

A reload bonus is a special offer from online casinos that will give you bonus cash when you make a fresh deposit. Reload bonuses are offers that are only available after you’ve made your first deposit at the casino.

As you will remember, your first deposit as a new customer at an online casino will be accompanied by a welcome bonus (unless you opt-out). Every subsequent bonus offer that is dependent on a deposit can be considered a reload bonus, even if it is for your second, third or fourth deposit at a casino.

A reload bonus is intended to offer customers an additional incentive to stay at a certain casino. Most online casinos offer only a welcome bonus, but no additional bonuses down the line. That’s unappealing to customers who would like a reward for their loyalty. Indeed a reload bonus can also rightfully be seen as a loyalty bonus.

Reload bonuses can be offered on a weekly or monthly basis, and sometimes as a special promotion.

What do reload bonuses include?

Most commonly, a reload bonus will give you a certain match percentage on the deposit you make, where you can claim a maximum amount of bonus money. The match bonus almost always offers a lower percentage than your initial welcome bonus.

A reload bonus can therefore start with only 15 percent and maybe €20 or 50 in maximum bonus cash. You will find reload bonus offers between 20 percent and 50 percent more frequently, however, although the bonus cash may still not be more than EUR 50 percent. Some casinos will also offer a bonus of 100 percent on occasions.

Some casinos will also include some free spins with their reload bonuses, though this is rare. Guts casino used to have such an offer every Monday, though it has since been discontinued.

Terms and conditions to consider

Of course, bonuses for reloading also have bonus conditions attached to them. The more general bonus terms, such as game weighting and maximum bets with bonus cash, tend to apply to all bonus offers across the board. Casinos don’t see a need to change those for each kind of bonus.

However, with a reload bonus you get a lower percentage and less bonus cash. That is often reason enough for casinos to also lower the wagering requirements, making it easier for players to complete them and cash out the bonus money and any winnings from it. Sometimes the validity of the bonus may be different as well, though that is rarely the case.

As usual, you must read the individual terms and conditions anyway.

It’s also important to note that reload bonuses often require a particular bonus code when you want to claim them. If that’s not the case, you may have to opt-in instead. Where welcome bonuses are often applied automatically, reload bonuses will need to be activated manually.

You may also want to keep in mind that some casinos make it a requirement to have claimed the welcome bonus if customers want to later claim a reload bonus. And, just as with welcome bonuses, some forms of payments (such as Skrill or Neteller) may always be ineligible when claiming a bonus.

Where to get reload bonuses

Many online casinos have regular promotions and bonus offers available. Some of them will also include reload bonuses. If you don’t want to check each casino individually yourself, check out casino reviews. Those will detail special offers online casinos make available, including various recurring bonus offers such as reload bonuses.

As we already mentioned, some casinos give out reload bonuses to all their customers on a regular weekly or monthly basis.

Recharge bonuses are almost always part of the incentives that members can look forward to when a casino has a VIP or loyalty program.

Finally, even if a casino doesn’t have regular or VIP offers, many casinos will occasionally still have one-off specials that include reload bonuses.

Best Sportsbook Reload Bonuses

Just like online casinos, online sportsbook offer many reload bonuses. On top of deposit bonuses players get on first deposit, reload bonuses are often possible. These bonuses are offered to all existing players and not just the new players. This is the main thing that sets them apart from sportsbook welcome bonuses.

Players who stay loyal to one online sportsbook can expect to get reload bonuses quite often. Sports betting reload bonuses are usually given out to players who make a lot of bets with a single bookie. The more you bet, the more likely the bookmaker is to issue you with a reload bonus.

It is important to remember that reload bonuses require additional deposits. Once you get a reload bonus offer, you will have to make a deposit into your sports betting account in order to be able to make a cashout. This way, you can get some extra betting cash and profit from staying loyal to one site.

Welcome Bonus vs. Reload Bonus

There is often a question of which is better. On the one hand, going to a new site and getting a welcome bonus is the easier choice. After all, the new site guarantees a welcome bonus. At any new bookmaker or casino you join, you will surely get a new welcome bonus.

Reload bonuses, on the other hand, are not always guaranteed. In some cases, casinos require you to “earn” your reload bonus. Yet, staying loyal to some casinos can be very profitable. These sites tend to issue many reload bonuses with great value.

The problem with reload bonuses can be that sometimes the wagering requirements are too hard. In this case, it may be more valuable to go to a new online casino. However, if the terms are favorable, a reload bonus can be your best choice.

The real decision will always be up to every individual player. We recommend looking at every bonus from a perspective of profitability. If a bonus is big, this is a good sign. However, also remember to look at the wagering requirements. Bonuses with favorable wagering requirements are what you really want to find.

Instead of jumping to a new site, you can sometimes even get reload bonuses from the customer support. Contact the customer support and tell them you are considering moving to a new site to get a welcome bonus. You may be surprised at how willing they will be to issue you with a reload bonus.

No Deposit Bonus vs. Reload Bonus

There is a very big distinction between a no deposit bonus and a reload bonus. No deposit bonuses are issued to new players who don’t even make a deposit. Reload bonuses, on the other hand, are issued to existing and depositing players.

Whether you will want to go for one or the other depends on your preferences and desires. If you are looking for some casual fun, a no deposit bonus can give you just that. You will have a chance to play for free and possibly win a little real cash.

A reload bonus, on the other hand, can be extremely valuable and large. You could get hundreds or even thousands of dollars with a reload bonus. However, remember you will have to make an actual deposit in order to receive a reload, so weigh off your options before you make up your mind.

FAQ about Reload Bonuses

What is a reload bonus?

A reload bonus is a casino or sports betting bonus issued to existing players who have already been playing with an operator. It requires you to make a new deposit to claim the bonus.

Who can get a reload bonus?

Reload bonuses can be available to all existing players at a site or to a select number of loyal players. Depending on bonus terms, some or all existing players could qualify.

When will I get a reload bonus?

Reload bonuses can be issued at many different times. Sometimes casinos give a reload bonus chance to all players, while other times only the most loyal are rewarded.

Can sports betting players get one?

Yes! Just like online casinos, sports betting sites offer reloads with some frequency. For sports bettors, a reload may come in the form of a free bet.

How are the wagering requirements for reload bonuses?

The wagering requirements of the reload bonuses are often not as favorable as those of a welcome bonus. Make sure you check the particular bonus conditions for every bonus you take.

Last update on: 29. december, 2020
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