Free spin bonuses – What to expect and which ones are best

Among the most common ‘items’ you may be able to win in online casino promotions are so-called free spins. You may also find them termed as extra spins or, even better, bonus spins. They also tend to be incredibly popular among slot fans. Here we’ll tell you what free spins are, where and how to get them and a few other interesting things.

What exactly are free spins?

We have to make the distinction between the free spins you can get whilst simply playing slots with your own money, and those you can obtain via bonus offers or win during promotions. We’re talking about the latter. For this reason, and in this context, it’s actually better to call them bonus spins. But since most online casinos refer to them as free spins, we will keep with the tradition.

Any free spins you may receive as part of a bonus offer or win during a promotion have a set value, which is almost always the lowest stake that you can wager at that particular slot. Obviously, you won’t be using any of your own funds using those free spins, but you are nevertheless playing with real cash.

Occasionally, promotional offers include free spins that are set at a higher stake. Most online casinos or promotions will refer to such spins as super spins or mega spins, and they can be worth €1 or more.

It is important to note that free spin bonuses are almost always attached to a particular slot machine or, at most, to a small selection of slots from one provider. It is very rare that free spins can be used on a wider range of slots, though it may sometimes be an option for free spins you receive as part of a welcome offer.

Like any kind of bonus or promotion, you will have to consider bonus conditions when claiming free spins as well. We will explain those in more detail further below.

How to get free spins

There are a few different options of how you can get your hands on some free spins. Among slot fans and new online casino players, they’re particularly popular and therefore one of the most attractive bonus offers and promotions you will find around. Here we’re introducing a few different types of free spin offers:

Free spins as part of welcome packages:

Many online casinos that are focussed on slot games (which most of them are, but some cater more to slot players than others), will offer free spins as part of their welcome bonus. For one, you may get free spins simply for registering at a casino (usually 10 or 20 spins, very often on NetEnt’s popular Starburst slot).

More commonly, however, you will receive free spins on top of bonus cash once you have made a minimum deposit. In many cases, between 20 and 200 free spins will be offered. In the case of 100 or more bonus spins, most casinos will hand those spins out in increments over the next few days.

Regular free spin bonuses:

A number of online casinos (such as, CasinoClub or CasinoCruise) also have regular free spin bonuses or a loyalty scheme (Rizk and SuperLenny) that includes free spins as a reward. A regular free spin bonus may be available on a monthly or even weekly basis. Usually, the slots those spins will be available for change frequently, which makes things more interesting, and customers will have to make a minimum deposit to claim the free spins. Sometimes this may be a “Slot of the Week” type of promotion or simply an added incentive to keep players engaged.

If you have a loyalty scheme that offers free spins as a reward when spinning a bonus wheel (at Rizk) or when you’ve earned enough points (such as the BUX system at SuperLenny), the amount of free spins you may receive is usually not big and they tend to be set at the lowest wagering level. Regular free spins bonuses very rarely include super spins.

Free spins without deposits:

Receiving free spins for registering at an online casino is one way to get free spins without having to make a deposit. But that is always a one-time offer. Some casinos also offer regular free spins to their players that also don’t require a deposit.

Such free spins are often available when new slots are released. Casinos will offer such free spins only for a very limited time on the day the slot is released, at most for two days after the release of the slot. Unibet is one such casino that has handed out free spins without requiring a deposit for new games. Usually, you will only get 5 spins or so, sometimes even 10.

Outside of special release offers such as these, there’s only one other way to obtain free spins without making a deposit.

Winning free spins in a promotion:

Many promotions at many online casinos include free spins among the things you may be able to win. Plenty of online casinos such as LeoVegas or Mr Green have regular promotions running where winning free spins is an option. You can also win free spins as part of a tournament.

Here you will usually participate in the promotion according to the promotional requirements. Ultimately, you will need to achieve a ranking on a leaderboard that includes the win of free spins. Whilst you’re not making a specific deposit to receive a set number of spins, you will still wager real cash in order to participate, which means those free spins don’t exactly come for free.

Bonus conditions for free spins

As with any kind of bonus, free spins have conditions attached to them as well, no matter how you obtain them. The bonus terms for free spins determine their value, which slots they may be used for, how long they are valid, what the wagering requirements are and sometimes even if the amount of winnings from free spins is capped. The latter will often be the case when you received free spins without having to make a deposit.

Free spin winnings are usually converted into bonus money (though there are exceptions), which will then need to be wagered if you want to have a hope of making a withdrawal. The average wagering requirement for free spin winnings is between 20 and 40 times.

Free spins are usually valid between 24 hours and 30 days after you activate them, rarely longer than that because the casino wants you to use them.

In order to prevent any misunderstandings, you should always read the terms and conditions when claiming any kind of free spin offer.

Free spins without wagering requirements

A handful of online casinos has free spin offers available where the winnings from those spins are immediately converted into real cash and added to your real cash balance. That means these free spins have no wagering requirements.

At Rizk casino, it is possible to win wagering-free extra spins by spinning the Wheel of Rizk. In such a case there is no other prior requirement to complete aside from levelling up at the casino.

But at other casinos that offer free spins, more effort might be required. At, any free spins (regardless of how you obtained them) are always free from wagering. But the casino doesn’t just hand out the spins. Apart from the classic bonus offer of having to make a deposit and receiving free spins in return, there’s also a type of promotion, where you can earn free spins. This often includes a preset amount of money you need to wager and in return, you’ll receive a certain amount of free spins (for instance, wagering €100 to receive 5 free spins). Wagering more will yield more free spins.

And once again, you may be able to win free spins as part of a promotion and at the right casino, no further wagering may be required.

Either way, even when free spins come without wagering requirements, some advance effort and investment are always required, though sometimes invest a lot less than you would when trying to complete the wagering requirements of regular free spins.

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