Best Casino Bonuses 2023: Deposit, Reload, Freespins

Many people think that a bonus is always something positive for the player. The word sounds so positive, how can it be bad? I’m not saying that a bonus is necessarily bad, only that certain bonuses are not suitable for all players. They often tie you to a casino and commit the player to play beyond his means. Be it longer than he wants, with higher stakes or in games he is not really interested in. That’s why it’s important to deal with the subject of bonuses in detail and not simply accept every offer that comes along.

Important are all the following things

  • The wagering requirements that specify how often a bonus amount must be used. These vary from 20 to 50 and here you can already see how big the difference can be. Imagine you have to convert 100 dollars 20 times which is “only” 2000 dollars. With 50 times it is already 5000 dollars. Here you can see if a casino offers fair or rather unfair bonus conditions.
  • The amount of the bonus is usually tempting. One means the higher the better but who plays only with small stakes can not clear a high bonus of several thousand dollars at all.
  • Additional offers to the bonus are often just as interesting. Some casinos also give out a lot of freespins which is great for slot players.
  • Other conditions such as whether an interim payout is possible or is the money stuck? Or whether the deposit amount must also be converted. Or if the deposit has to be gambled before the turnover counts. Some casinos work with various tricks you should know.

Types of bonuses

Regardless of this, there are of course actually good bonus offers and usually one is always well advised to use these at fair casinos. In any case, the first deposit bonus is standard, but also on the 2nd and 3rd deposit there is often a bonus. After that there are so-called reload bonuses for regular customers. Some casinos already try to compete without the typical bonuses and simply award freespins. These bonuses are now particularly popular even if they are often not really valuable. 100 Freespins sounds great, but if 1 Freespin means a stake of 10 cents and the winnings from it must be converted 30 times, this quickly relativizes. Nevertheless it is a good trick to give players the feeling that they would be given presents all the time.

Apart from that there is also the so-called free money or a free money bonus. This does not depend on whether a deposit is made or not, but is issued without conditions. It sounds like free money , but it is not. Because this bonus is also subject to conditions. Nevertheless, it is still better than playing with play money, because you have at least the chance to convert the bonus money into real money.

Bonuses for different games

Traditionally, bonuses are only for slot players because most other games such as roulette or blackjack are excluded from the turnover or contribute only a small fraction to it. In the past, all this was still possible and you could simply unlock your bonus at the Roulette or Blackjack table. A long time ago… Today there are only a few casinos that offer special bonuses for these games. They pay very close attention what the player makes with it and exclude certain things from it which could give an advantage to the player. For example, they set a maximum so that only small bets can be made. Or they don‘t allow the player to bet on black and red at the same time so that he loses nothing most of the time but unlocks the bonus. Basically it is also hard for a casino to give out good bonuses in games like Blackjack where the house advantage is so low.

In the end it is your decision

At the end the player always decides if he accepts a bonus or not. It is not as if every bonus in every casino is always a blessing. Sometimes it is even a very bad decision to accept a certain bonus. And you should also consider one thing: if you use a bonus, the money is usually tied in this casino and can not be paid out simply so.

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