Android Video Poker: Playing with real money

Thanks to relatively recent technological developments, mobile gaming is definitely on the rise with more and more mobile users deciding to enjoy their favorite online casino games while on the go. Android is among the most widely used mobile operating systems alongside iOS. Android is manufactured by Google and it is based on one Linux kernel software plus several other software of this kind.

Android is manufactured mainly for touchscreen mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. Google is among the wealthiest American technology companies mainly specialized in various kinds of Internet-related products and services including search engine technologies, online marketing technologies, cloud computing as well as the production of both hardware and software.

Google was established back in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page who at the time were Stanford University students. Today, they control around fifty-six percent of the company’s voting power and own about fourteen percent of its shares. When it comes to Android as a mobile operating system, it was revealed to the public back in 2007 while the very first Android-powered commercial device emerged on the scene in 2008.

Since its beginnings, Android has gone through various changes as well as multiple releases. The major source code for the operating system is named AOSP or Android Open Source Project. It also should be noted that Android is also related to a propriety software also developed by Google named GMS or Google Mobile Services which is usually pre-installed in modern Android-powered mobile devices.

This system includes Google Search and Google Chrome as well as several other core apps for several services including Google Play and Gmail. Considering the popularity of mobile gaming, players who like to enjoy their favorite online casino games including video poker games while on the go can do so on any modern Android-powered smartphone or tablet.

Top-Rated Android Video Poker Casinos

As previously mentioned, Android has gone through many changes since its introduction more than ten years ago. This mobile operating system also has changed the entire world of mobile gaming with the introduction of technologically advanced services and products which enable user-friendly mobile gaming platforms.

Considering the fact that many players decided to hop on the bandwagon or mobile gaming, all of the top-rated online casinos provide fully mobile-optimized gaming platforms easily accessible to Android users. Since the competition is massive with new Android mobile casinos emerging every day, players can easily make a mistake of registering at some unreliable mobile casino. Hence, prior to registering at any Android video poker casino, players are advised to do their homework.

In other words, players have to check several things related to their Android mobile casinos. One of the most important things to check is the casino’s reliability and trustworthiness. All of the top-rated Android video poker casinos are fully licensed and regulated by prominent governing bodies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority.

Moreover, all of the top-rated Android mobile casinos feature rich gaming libraries packed with a great selection of video poker games for you to choose from. In addition to these features, these venues also do not fail to impress in other departments. They boast reliable customer support departments players can access at any time whenever they have some question or concern.

Moreover, they usually feature a wide range of different payment methods including the most popular payment means such as credit and debit cards as well as a variety of e-wallet services such as PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. In order to enjoy these perks, players should carefully explore different Android video poker casinos in order to find the right venue which primarily focuses on providing players what they want to see in their chosen mobile casino.

Registering at an Android Video Poker Casino

In order to start playing video poker games with your Android-powered mobile device, you have to register at your chosen Android mobile casino. The registration process is quite simple. After entering your personal information including your username and password, you also have to choose your banking method. In order to play video poker while on the go with your Android device, you need to fund your account first.

Once you are done with this step, you have to visit your chosen casino’s gaming selection and find your preferred video poker game. The best Android video poker casinos usually offer many different video poker games for you to choose from, so you can definitely find something that suits your preferences and your bankroll of course.

Once you have selected the game, the game loads and you are ready to play. Sometimes you will have to download an app to play real money video poker games. In this case, the process of registering remains the same with the same steps as described above.

The Best Android Video Poker Games

Mobile games come with many perks such as having the convenience to play your favorite online casino games while on the go at any time and at any place. When it comes to Android video poker games, there is a variety of option to choose from. All of the top-rated Android mobile casinos offer several different types of the game usually including jacks or better, aces and eights, deuces wild, and tens or better.

  • Jacks or better is doubtlessly the simplest as well as the most popular video poker variant available at Android video poker casinos. The game comes with favorable payouts going up to 4.000 coins for five-coin bets for Royal Flush hands while the rules of the game are quite simple to follow.
  • Aces and eights is another interesting video poker variant usually offered at Android video poker casinos. The game features very favorable casino edge of around 99.78% when using optimal strategy while its payouts are usually the same as in the game of jacks or better.
  • Deuces wild is also a very simple video poker variant frequently offered at Android video poker casinos. When it comes to the game’s paytable, it is slightly different from other games simply because it features a wild card. Thanks to this wild card, players get to actually enjoy better odds of making more valuable hands.
  • Tens of better is among the most popular video poker games alongside jacks or better and aces and eights. Thus, it is commonly found at many Android mobile casinos offering video poker games. The game also features a very favorable casino edge with great payouts following other video poker variants.
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