Play Real Money Roulette with Android – Tap, spin and win!

Google’s Android has changed many things in the world of tablets and smartphones. This user friendly mobile operating system has become the number one operating system used in popular mobile devices and it is seen as the Apple’s iOS biggest competitor. The many people that own an Android device made leading casino software providers consider optimising their games and making them available to such devices. As a result, top mobile casino operators offer roulette – the world’s most famous table game – to players who enjoy gambling with the help of their Android. Playing real money roulette on Android devices comes with many advantages; it is practical, it is easy and it doesn’t cost extra money.

Best Android Roulette Casinos in 2022

After banning all gambling apps from the Google Play Store, the landscape changed a bit. Online casinos are now trying to become independent of native apps. What they are doing is improving their website to make it as usable as an app – just in your Chrome browser. It’s as simple as that.

The question is which casino is doing the best job in this regard. To me, this is LeoVegas Casino which was one of the very first online and mobile casinos. They put mobile first right from the start. I bet you do not want to play anywhere else after your first spin at LeoVegas Casino. Click here to sign up now!

Is There a Difference Between Playing Roulette with Different Android Devices?

Players who like playing roulette on the go can use either Android smartphones or Android tablets. Naturally, using these devices for playing the game can be different. Even though the basics of using Android device are the same, smartphones and tablets are not. Therefore, tablets usually have bigger screens than smartphones and as a result players can get a better view on the roulette table when they use a tablet. Smartphones, on the other hand, are more compact and they can be taken everywhere without the need to carry a special bag for them. Both smartphones and tablets that run on Android are usually powerful devices that provide smooth gaming and clear sound; hence, no difference there. Also, in both cases players use their fingers in order to tap on the touch responsive screens.

Popular Real Money Android Roulette Games

There are many real money Android roulette games offered at top Android casinos. Most commonly featured roulette variants are, understandably, European Roulette, French Roulette and American Roulette. Those who are not familiar with these three roulette games should know that the difference lies in the layout as well as in the rules. Therefore, American Roulette features a double zero layout and 38 numbers in total; this additional number makes it one of the worst roulette variants. European Roulette is played on a single zero layout and by many it is considered to be the standard roulette game. French Roulette is played on the same European layout; however, it features the La Partage rule which makes it less favourable towards the house than the two previously mentioned games. In addition to these games, Android gamers can also find titles such as Roulette Pro, Roulette Low Stakes, Progressive Roulette, Mini Roulette, 3D Roulette and etc.


Do I Have to Download Mobile App In Order to Play Roulette with my Android?

Just like there are download and instant play online casinos, there are also Android casinos that require players to download a mobile application as well as ones that provide instant play mode. Since instant play has proven to be more attractive to those who are into playing on the move, the biggest number of real money roulette games can be played directly via any mobile Internet browser. Those who are required to download an app can usually find the link at the casino’s site or get it by scanning a QR code or requesting a sms.


Is Playing Real Money Roulette on Android Devices Safe?

Safety has always been a huge issue for online players, regardless whether they play at online casino or mobile gambling sites. Naturally, this topic is also something important to those who play real money roulette on Android devices. In order to place real money bets players first have to top up their accounts by using one of the provided banking options. The depositing process usually requires customers to enter confidential information such as home address, phone as well as credit card details. Nevertheless, top Android casinos such as LeoVegas and SpinCasino are perfectly safe and they use latest encryption technology that makes stealing of user data impossible. In addition, these mobile gaming operators hold reputable gaming licence and therefore they meet high safety and security standards. Finally, well established mobile casinos hold safety certificates that can serve as reassurance to gamblers that they play in a secure gaming environment.

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2 thoughts on “Play Real Money Roulette with Android – Tap, spin and win!”

  1. Real Player says:

    Very similar to iPhone experience for roulette on android. Very nice in mansion casino once played.

  2. Lavan Lavan says:

    Spin palace casino might be the best mobile casino at this time. Having been gifted a new samsung phone I went straight into my favorite casino to play the same games I had been playing on iPhone. American roulette at spin palace was the foremost thing and it went great. For some time it felt even better than my earlier experiences in fact the phone was new and it was a gift. Cherry on the cake lol. Nothing more can be said about about roulette with android. No one should be sceptical about the performance they’re going to get and the fun of course, with android.

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