Real Money Android Blackjack – The best of blackjack is here!

Blackjack, or widely known as 21, has always attracted a remarkable number of players at online casinos. However, since the way of online gambling has changed a lot during these several past years, blackjack is also very demanded at mobile casinos that support Android devices. Players love real money Android blackjack because it is a game with relatively low house edge, exciting rules and good payouts. Playing this game on smartphones and tablets has proved to be an excellent idea which makes gaming on the go easy and fun. Find out more about real money blackjack for Android and improve your chances of scooping some cash.

Where Can I Find the Best Real Money Android Blackjack?

High quality real money Android blackjack can be found at top mobile casino operators. Players have to be careful when they choose a mobile gambling site if they want their information to be safe and the results to be fair. The best blackjack games are powered by leading software providers and featured at the best casinos such as Royal Vegas Casino, 888 Casino and Spin Casino. In order to play them players first have to register with the particular casino and then fund their casino account. Once these two steps are completed users can visit the game lobby, find the various real money blackjack variants that can be played with an Android device and start any of them by tapping on the “Play now” button.

The best casino for Android Blackjack is Royal Vegas Casino with the well known Microgaming software. You can either play through native or web app – depending on your preferences. Click here to play Android Blackjack in the best quality possible!


Android Blackjack Game Rules

Even though there are numerous blackjack games with some rule modifications, there are also many rules that apply to most of these exciting game variations. For example, the objective of real money blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand by scoring a better point count which cannot be bigger than 21. If your hand count goes over that special number, the hand is considered a bust and you immediately lose your bet. A game of Android blackjack starts with the player placing an initial bet and then receiving two face-up cards, whereas the dealer gets one face-up and one face-down card. This is the moment when the player has several options. First of all, if the game includes insurance bet and the dealer shows an Ace, the player can place an insurance bet. Second, the player has to decide whether to tap on hit, stand, double or split; each of these actions results in a different outcome. Some variants, for example Blackjack Surrender, also offer players the chance to surrender if they think they have no chances of winning the session. In case a player surrenders, the house will keep only half of the initial bet. Once the player is done playing his blackjack hand the dealer will do the same and the one with a better hand will “take home” the win.

What Side Bets Can Be Placed on Blackjack for Android?

Depending on the particular variant of blackjack for Android you are playing, you can place one or more side bets. Blackjack side bets are those placed in addition to the initial bet of the game. One popular side bet is the insurance bet that pays 2:1. However, the insurance bet can be placed only if the dealer receives an Ace in the first dealing round. In case the dealer gets a blackjack the player loses his initial bet, but wins the insurance bet and ends up with a zero balance. However, the insurance bet is considered to have a really high house edge and it is not recommended to players. Another popular and commonly offered side bet is the perfect pairs bet. As the name suggests, the point of this bet is for the player’s cards to be a colour, suit or perfect pair. The payout rates for this bet may vary depending on the provider of the game; nevertheless, usually the weakest combination pays 5:1, whereas the perfect pair (colour + suit) pays 25:1.


Is There an Optimal Playing Strategy for Real Money Android Blackjack?

Yes, there is an optimal playing strategy for every blackjack variant offered at Android friendly mobile casinos. However, in order to know which strategy suits you the best you have to know the exact playing rules such as whether you are allowed to double after splitting, how many times you can split a hand and etc. Also, it is important to know how many decks are used in the game. Generally speaking, when you are playing Single Deck Blackjack with the dealer standing on soft 17 you should hit on hard 5-11 and soft 13-17. A pair of Aces, nines or eights is best split, whereas two fours should be kept. Finally, soft 19+ as well as hard 17+ is a sign to stand.

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  1. Real Player says:

    Had not play blackjack and loved roulette on android phone in many casinos but recently the special one proved to be mansion casino. Playing in this casino for long and it’s very good for android use and for blackjack. The pontoon blackjack was charm and very much important than all was a good availability of support on phone. Felt like have found a good casino for some long time but this was the first and last experience until now playing blackjack on android in a casino. Actually never played it on any device in any casino before so there might be others as good as this one. Who knows but experience was good here.
    First it has very responsive customer service and second all is well during gameplay on phone. Third withdrawals are fast 2 paid till now though small but very quickly. Lead time below a week and it’s great as per average other casinos. There are many different methods for the player’s choice. Best of all everything can be easily done on phone so no need to switch different accounts or even devices for different purposes. All in one for user with a good android phone.

  2. Laurie says:

    Currently, there are different alternatives of the game, but the goal of the game would be to realize
    an in depth seven or eight items, if possible.

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