About Us

We are three students from London, UK. Since Moneymaker won the WSOP and made himself a millionaire, we started to play poker. Live, online, wherever. Poker was our life. There was no day without at least one game. We wanted to play everywhere. We bought the latest smartphones and checked something called Apps. We browsed through app stores. We both had a Blackberry, an iPhone and the first Android device. It was horrible. With all three, it was not possible to play on the go. It drove us crazy. How on earth is that not possible? We have mobile Internet or Wifi. But there was no way. We contacted online casinos and poker sites. No luck. The best answer was “we are working on it”.

We browsed the Internet for more information. None. Nada. Niente. Now we had our mission. If we are three crazy gamblers and do not find any details on the Internet, there must be more of us with the same problem. Since then we started to gather more information. We created one site after another. And in 2013 we started CasinoMobsters. It’s our latest baby and we want to offer a complete guide for all you crazy gamblers out there trying to play with your mobile or tablet.

This is our story. The good news is that our suffering is finally over. Mobile casino games and poker is for real. And it’s a lot of fun! And it even is secure and reliable. Thank you all 🙂

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