Real Money Roulette, BJ and Slots with iPhone, Android, Tablet and Bonuses

The casino game playing landscape has always been an ever changing one, and these days players do have the maximum choice as to where they can play their favourite casino games, either for free or in a real money playing environment. Land based and brick and mortar casinos do of course offer a real-life playing environment and one that some players very quickly warm to, but not everyone lives near such a venue and as such are seeking out and embracing new ways of gambling. It is thanks to online and mobile casino sites and apps that more and more players enjoy playing from home or even when out and about, and such players will always have access to their games of choice on devices such as an iPad, Tablet Device, Android Phone or iPhone.

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Best US Casino Sites
No. Casino Sites Available On Bonus Join Now
1. Club World Casinos Club World Casinos
2. Sloto Cash Casino Sloto Cash Casino

Real Money Mobile Casino Apps


To sample the delights of playing casino games on a mobile device there are two different ways such games can be accessed, the first is by using the web browser attached to any modern day smart phone or tablet device and playing those games within that web browser. However, by downloading and installing a casino app onto any mobile device players are then going to find the games launch much quicker and there will be a huge variety of different games on offer via such an app. Some entertainment only apps are available, and those apps offer users free demo mode credits, but once they have been used up players are then forced to have to pay to replenish those demo mode credits. The concept of paying real money to play for free is an alien one for most players, and as such you will be much better advised to play using a casino app that offers real money casino games as those types of casino apps will also give you the ability of logging in and playing for free too, but with an unlimited supply of free play demo mode credits being available.

Real Money and Free Casino Games

Gambling Commissions and Gaming Authorities the world over have very strict rules and regulations in place regarding the way that real money online and mobile casino games should be designed and how they are required to operate too. However, there are plenty of casino games that can be played online for free and at no risk too. But to ensure players are never misled into believing games are not much better paying ones than they really are, demo mode and free play versions of real money games must be designed to offer the same payout percentages and house edges as the real money games they are copies of. So if you are new to playing casino games and wish to try them out online or via a mobile casino app you will be able to play them at no risk initially and get a true feel for the way they will also play and pay when playing them for real money, if of course you choose to go on to do so. Also be aware that all casino sites and casino apps are going to be offering bonuses, promotional offers and even casino game playing competitions and tournaments, many of which are available for free too.

Real Money Games in Certain Countries

USA – The Federal Government in the U.S has recently decided to open up online gambling to the entire country, and have passed laws that allow individual U.S. States that wish to do so to grant licenses to land based casinos that want to open up sportsbooks rather that just allow Nevada to hold the monopoly on such sports betting activities. That change in law does also open up the possibility for individual State gaming regulators to allow additional online and mobile gambling activities such as poker games and casino games. So it appears that instead of being anti-online gambling, America has finally embraced online gambling. New Jersey was one of the first US States to permit online gambling and that has had a very positive effect on the gambling related income generated and taxes raised in that State. In fact, Delaware residents are now also able to gamble at any New Jersey licensed gambling related site.

UK – The United Kingdom has always had something of a liberal attitude to gambling, and as such there has never been any legalisation that forbids gamblers based in any part of Great Britain from gambling online. What has happened though over the last decade or so is that new laws and regulations have been brought into force, one of which stipulates that all real money casino sites UK players may be interested in play at that wish to advertise their services in the UK must be fully licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission to be able to do so.

Malaysia – Many countries of the world have not updated their archaic gambling laws for many years and as such it is difficult to ascertain whether online gambling is illegal within their boundaries. That is the case over in Malaysia for whilst many citizens of that country do gamble online they are doing so at casinos that are located in other parts of the world, as there is currently no legal framework that regulates real money casinos Malaysia players can legally sign up to and play at.

Canada – Times are finally changing it would appear in Canada, for there has never been any legalisation or framework that allowed online casinos or online gambling in any Canadian Province, however at that start of 2023 the Province of Alberta has started investigating ways they can license and regulate such sites and online and mobile gambling related activities.

Australia – Online gambling is deemed to be illegal in Australia and is specifically mentioned as being such in the 2001 Gambling Act. As such no casino sites for example are licensed in Australia however players wishing to play at such sites simply sign up to online casinos and apps licensed elsewhere.

New Zealand – It is deemed to be illegal for residents of New Zealand to gamble online, apart from licensed Lottery and horse race betting sites licensed by the relevant New Zealand gaming regulator. In fact, anybody that is found guilty of illegal gambling and any organisations that are found to be promoting such activities face some very stiff penalties including fines of up to $10,000 and $50,000 respectively. That hasn’t however led to a decline in the number of people that do actually gamble online, for many people in New Zealand do gamble online, but they do so at casino sites that is located in other parts of the world.

South Africa – Recent changes to the gambling laws in South Africa mean that it is possible to gamble legally in South Africa when for example when making use of a provincial horse racing betting site, however other forms of gambling are deemed to be illegal such as playing poker or playing real money casino games.

India – In India it is legal to play skill based games online, however each individual state is responsible for gambling within their boundaries, which has led to some states such as Maharashtra banning online gambling specifically, whilst many other states have made no official comment on online gambling what so ever.

Europe – Over in Europe any casino and gambling sites and any type of real money casino app that are licensed in one EU member state are allowed to operate and offer their services in any other member state. However, what has changed recently is that to do so casino and gambling sites and app operators’ are now required to get a secondary gambling license in those additional countries and also pay the respective gambling related taxes on income generated in each individual country too.

No Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins and Free Real Money Casino Offers

Make no mistake about it, as soon as a player chooses to sign up to an online casino site and they are going to very quickly come across all manner of casino promotional offers that are available to them. Those offers do of course come in many different forms and importantly they do all come with their own set of terms and conditions too, and players need to digest those t’s and c’s and agree to be bound by them all when making use of any casino offer.

Free Spins for slots

Playing free real money casino games is possible thanks to offers such as free spins, that is where a casino site will give away a set of spins on a slot machine and allow players to play at no risk, but have the chance of keeping any winnings they achieve when playing those free spins off. There are bound to be several questions a player will have about such offers such as:

  • What are they?
  • Where‘s the catch?
  • Why is it offered?
  • Who should make use of it?

Free spins are a set of no risk spins credited to a player often for signing up to a new casino site they haven’t played at before, the catch is that winnings achieved from playing off those free spins are often subject to play through requirements before those winnings can be cashed out. The offers can and do vary from casino to casino, and players should be looking for a large number of free spins credited in such a way that all pay lines on the allocated slot are activated and the coin values are high ones. As for who should make use of real money online casino free spins, well anybody that does fancy trying out a new casino site and a range of slot machines that may never have seen or come across before. Often players will also be able to claim a real money casino no deposit bonus, those types of promotional offers will see them being credited with no risk credits for singing up to a casino site or app and allows them to try out a range of different games and keep the winnings achieved from such bonuses. To win real money casino games no deposit players must however ensure they do follow all bonus play rules to the letter and not fall foul of any terms and conditions attached and associated with such bonuses.

New Casinos with Innovative Concepts

With literally thousands of different online casino sites available to players these days, it will often pay dividends for players to take a step back and actively seek out those casinos offering something new and unique. Take for example each of the following casino sites, they have all been launched with their own unique set of features, innovations and concepts that players may be interested in.

Huuuge Casino – The emphasis is on social gaming at Huuuge Casino, they have a range of slot playing apps on which players can take part in all many of slot machine related competitions and slot tournaments in a free play environment.

Cashman Casino – Slot players do of course enjoy playing slot machines in land based casinos, however when they set about playing via the Cashman Casino app they will be able to play their favourite land based slot games on their mobile devices for free no matter where they happen to be.

Chumba Casino – It has to be the unique $weeps Cash™ concept that makes playing on the Chumba Casino app something many players are very eager to do, for players, including those in most US States are able to cash out their winnings legally whilst never putting any of their own funds at risk.

Real Money Casino Reviews and Best Sites

Ensuring that we only showcase to our website visitors a range of top rated and fully approved and licensed casino sites is important to us. We do have our own set of criteria when seeking casinos to approve and present to our website users and having had over a decade of experience of doing so we are confident that players will have a fully rounded gambling experience at those sites they see listed throughout this website. Our criteria include things such as a long established record for giving players a fair playing environment, something on offer at sites like 888 Casino and 777 Casino. Casinos that also display and make available the RTP’s and house edges of their slot machines and other casino games is also very important to us, and that is something offered at casino sites as Leo Vegas and Video Slots. Obviously players will want to take advantage of ongoing promotional offers and deals that come with a fair set of terms and conditions and casino sites that pay out their winning players rapidly which each of our approved casinos such as SpinCasino, and Slots Million are famed for doing. Not all casinos meet our criteria of course, and players can rest assured that all sites that do are going to be offering them the very best playing experience, irrespective of whether they like to low roll or high roll or even just play casino game online for free.

Casino Games on Other Devices

It may surprise you to learn that more people now play casino games and gamble via their mobile devices than use for example a home computer or laptop, and whilst gambling in person in a brick and mortar casino is a popular pastime more people do prefer playing at home. Social gambling is popular on sites such as FaceBook where players will be able to access free play casino games, and there is certainly no shortage of games available to those that have a PS4 or Xbox One. Many people now broadcast live their casino game playing activities on sites such as Steam, Twitch and YouTube and viewers can experience the highs and lows of other players when they tune into such broadcasts.

Types of Casino Games

Ever eager to ensure that players can and will be able to access the exact types of casino games they enjoy playing the most, all casino sites and apps are going to have a huge variety of different categories of games available. Slot machines are of course popular with players, and it is those that offer bonus games and bonus features and often huge ever rising progressive jackpots that tend to get the most attention from slot players. There are also games that require a small element of skill to be able to play them optimally and have the best chances of winning and those games include Video Poker and Blackjack. Simple to understand play games such as Keno, Casino War, Baccarat and Roulette are also popular, but players should be on the lookout for those variants offering low house edges as they give players a much lower risk type of gaming experience.

With low to high staking options, plenty of player appeal and often some above average long term expected payout percentages, some casino games do tend to get more play time from players than other games. Below you will find the most popular casino games of which there are always going to be lots of different variants on offer online.

Just be aware that due to players takes feeding the jackpots on progressive jackpot casino games, those tend to be the only games players cannot access via a demo mode version of the games.

Most Common Table Casino Games

The most played and most commonly available casino table games are always going to be those that offer low house edges and as such below you will find an overview of the table games you will almost certainly find available at most casino sites.

Keep in mind most if not all casino sites are going to allow players to play their table games in either a free play environment or play them for real money.

FAQ about real money casino games

What are the best online casinos?

There can be no clear answer to this question because the requirements of players are much too different. Some want to play with their mobile phone, others at the desktop. Some want a fat bonus, others place more importance on the choice of games. However, one can identify some very good online casinos and recommend them accordingly.

Our best online casinos for 2020 are: #1 LeoVegas, #2 SpinCasino, #3 888 Casino and #4 VideoSlots Casino.

How can you win money in online casinos?

You don’t have to make up your mind: if you play in an online casino you don’t just want to have fun but also have the opportunity to win money. Accordingly, you should also focus your game on actually winning something and not just lose money. Here it is especially important to choose games with a high payout. These are mainly games like Blackjack with optimal strategy, Video Poker, Roulette and slot machines with high RTP. In the latter case, you can also usually free a bonus so that these can be very attractive.

But it is also important to choose the right online casino that pays out the winnings actually and not just promises to pay. All casinos that are recommended on CasinoMobsters do this and are very reputable and some for two decades on the market.

Is there an app for real money casino games?

Yes, although it always depends on where you want to play from. Depending on the legal situation there are differences. At least with iOS where you are dependent on the Apple Store. With Android it looks different and the legal situation is uninteresting. It is important to choose a real casino as an app and not an app where you exchange real money for play money. This way of playing is legal almost everywhere – even in the USA – but in principle you only pay to play and not to collect real money winnings. Good real money casino apps are for example from LeoVegas or 888.

Is there a good no deposit bonus?

A no Deposit Bonus is an amount of money that you get from the casino after registration without having to deposit money. That always sounds great and you get practically money for free. But you also have to remember that there are some kind of turnover conditions and they have to be met first. If not, the money remains a bonus that can not be paid out. 888 still offers 88€ free to play with. This is currently the best No Deposit Bonus offer.

Which game is best: online slots, blackjack or roulette?

It all depends. Online Slots are extremely fast and with high variance. You can theoretically make a few thousand euros from 10c but you can also lose a lot of money in a short time. In addition, online slots gives you the opportunity to unlock a casino bonus, which is not available in games such as blackjack or roulette.

Blackjack is an extremely fair game. Provided that you have mastered the optimal strategy to some extent. Then you can play Blackjack with practically no house advantage and lose no money at the end of the day. At least playing Blackjack is a lot of fun.

Roulette is above all a game where you can try out some strategies. Whether Martingale, Fibonacci or others. It is always fun to see how the theory works in practice. But you should know: Roulette is not a game that you can actually beat with any system.

Is Paypal recommended as a payment method?

Basically yes and you probably have an account with Paypal. However, it is so that Paypal in countries where online gambling is a grey area will cause problems. This is for example the case in Germany. But other countries are also affected. There Paypal is either already forbidden now or it will be very likely in the future.

Last update on: 29. december, 2020